Comic the riddler edward nygma

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Edward Nygma irl

he . it . neopronouns
trans male + questioning
! INTP 5w4, autistic
colombian esp/eng

where 2 find me

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꒰ pls read carefully! ꒱

Before you interact

English isn't my first language, I'm really awkward, I forget 2 reply A LOT, I enjoy some genshin impact characters and I like some mcyt cc's, I'm just not in their fandoms.

Don't interact if

Fit in basic dni criteria (click!)
under 12, nsfw accs, encourage intrusives n compulsions, use kys in arguments, against auto diagnosis etc. Anime fans in general
- you like genshin impact, danganronpa, crk and ybc.


I've had many bad interactions with these fandoms so I prefer to avoid them.If you are into genshin impact, crk and anime, remember that current mutuals & friends are okay !


Horror movies, sci-fi, biology, maths, music, reading, solving puzzles, riddles, psychology, documentary about ANYTHING, roleplaying, writing, drawing, strategy games, labyrinths, sudokus.



꒰ my interests ꒱

Media I enjoy !

Gotham, Good Omens, Hannibal, Five Nights at Freddy's, FNaFHS, DayShift at Freddy's, Minecraft, Roblox, PonyTown, Skullgirls, Conker's Bad Fur Day, The Walten Files, All Saints Street, Venom, DC, Beastars, Danonation, Umbrella Academy, ARGs


Bugs, mostly spiders, centipedes, and cockroaches, jumpscares, loud noises, flashing lights and small places